Shopping with Graemont, Inc.

Our job is helping dressage riders find special horses.  Over the last 20 years we've found that we are best able to do this by creating a 3-4 days concentrated horse shopping experience, providing counsel, insights and encouragement along the way for our buyers.  If you want to learn more, contact Graemont to get a username and password to view the members side of this site.  It contains useful information for customers who are seriously considering a trip to Europe.

Why do a lot of people shop in Europe?  Aren't there good horses in the USA?

Yes there are good horses in the USA.  But they are obscured among countless misrepresentations in 48 states.  Many customers complain that they use up too much of their financial and time resources on an exhausting, demoralizing and fruitless searches.  Professionals are usually not available to go on that many trips away from their home businesses, so amateurs frequently are left to shop on their own.

The ultimate shopping experience...

Stay at a quaint hotel in the border of Holland and Germany.   Wake to a lovely continental breakfast, get in a car with a guide/ consultant and be taken from barn to barn and look at horses that were arranged based on your specifications.  After two to three days, you have several top choices from the 15 - 40 you've seen.  After a 2nd or 3rd visit and test ride, a review from trusted advisors, your own trainer (if they come along) and a world class trained consultant, you make a choice.  It doesn't get any better than this.  

Graemont helps to raise the chances that you'll have a successful buying experience.

While we can't guarantee you that everything will work out and you and your new horse will live happily ever after, we can assure you that by shopping with Graemont, Inc you will raise your chances of finding your special horse and being happy with it.  While horse shopping is always speculative and requires some risk taking, we help to manage your risk.  To learn more about how we do this, contact Graemont, to get a username and password; then go to graemont's home page and click "login."

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