Dear Graemont,
I'm looking for a nice schoolmaster type mare or gelding between 10 and 14 years old.  I'd like it to know flying changes, be locally competitive at 4th level (once I get to that point), and be at least serviceably sound.  I've been looking at videos for 6 months, have wasted three weekends and now more than $2000 on a flight, hotel rooms, rental cars, and 2 failed pre-purchase exams.  Why is this happening to me.
                                                                                - Frustrated in USA

Shopping in Europe

Since our company represents repeat business to our European contacts we are handled with greater care and respect.  It goes to follow then that our clients can benefit from this preferred treatment.

     We talk to buyers each week that tell us their stories.  The story above is quite typical, and many buyers say to us that they wish they had talked to Graemont six months ago, before wasting valuable time and financial resources.  The fact is, there ARE good horses for sale in the USA but unfortunately there is a very low population of quality dressage horses per square mile in this country.  Compounding this problem are two significant factors:  
1. there few skilled trainers that give a horse quality dressage training relative to the size of the United States AND   2. most USA horses for sale are represented by amateur sellers or inexperienced (at selling) professionals.  This means that you are probably going to receive an inaccurate appraisal of the horse's value, rideability, and soundness even from well meaning sellers.  

     Now picture this.  Imagine that you could shrink the USA into half the size of Pennsylvania.  Give it another 50 years of practice in developing a breeding program and dressage training experience - guess what?  You're in Holland!  There are horses everywhere, and horse shopping takes on a whole different complexion.  Imagine getting in your car at 9 a.m. and getting back at 7 p.m. that evening after looking at 10+ horses and finding several that you liked!  As far as the ones you didn't like, well, chalk it up to experience and get back in your car...off to the next barn!  If you have realistic expectations and a good  network for locating horses, you have an excellent chance of finding a horse that you'll want to buy.  A flight to Europe costs as little as $350 from East Coast in winter to $850 in summer.  Hotels, meals and incidentals make the total package quite inexpensive relative to the number of horses you get to try. 

     But don't think it's just that easy.  Shopping in Europe brings its own unique aspects to navigate.  What veterinarians are reliable?  What dealers, sellers and breeders are reliable?  What bloodlines are suitable for me?  Who can I trust to guide me through this process?  We also hear many stories of buyers who have wandered overseas after making contacts through the internet or by calling on print ads.  It's a big bad world out there, and you have to be careful.  You need an advocate that looks out for your interest helping you with the process.

 That's where Graemont, Inc can help.  Our staff can help you to determine if you are likely to find a horse within your buying parameters in the price range you set.  Since we are there nearly every month, we have a good sense of what horse's cost and how to find them. 

     What's more, the European shopping experience creates a special lifetime memory of fun, adventure, beauty and education..  Since Graemont makes most of the arrangements for you, it is possible to sit back and enjoy the beautiful country and take in the European culture.  You are able to get away from the distractions of your everyday life and concentrate on this important purchase decision.

     Graemont's goal is not just to help our customers find a great horse, its to create a positive experience with the process.  That's why we are anxious to give our references from both our professional and amateur customers.  No one says it better than a happy customer!  One customer was so happy she returned and wrote an article for the PVDA newsletter and was published in Half Halt.com.  Read that article by clicking here.   We have several pre-defined types of horses that we are normally able to find in Europe.  Check them out in our virtual inventory section.

     Beautiful sites to experience, beautiful horses to see, that's what makes the European shopping adventure one that you just don't want to miss out on.  Customers stand ready to give rave reviews about their experience with us.  It is a great opportunity to observe many different horses and sharpen your power of observation.  It is an excellent educational experience that you may look back on for many years.

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