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Graemont, Inc is a nationally recognized buyer consultation service with an excellent track record.  Our business is helping dressage riders find special horses.  At Graemont Farm we understand that buying a dressage horse can sometimes be a confusing and frustrating experience.  Having been in business for 20 years we also recognize that without professional help, buyers frequently make the wrong purchase.   It is our hope that this site helps you in your buying experience.  Please recognize that is for information purposes only and will not apply to all situations.  We recommend that you consult a competent and experienced professional to assist you in your purchase decision.  Educate yourself by reading the site's articles, research the market by browsing our sales pages and consider if Graemont, Inc could be the right fit to help you in your search.

Getting started:

Start by Developing a successful buying attitude

This sounds like it would be easy but you might be surprised.  Typically when asked what people are looking for they will describe things like the age, sex, level of training, and temperament of the desired horse.  While some of these factors are legitimate, our observation is that successful buyers have a different focus.  It is more important to identify what you want to do with the horse, than what you want the horse's statistics to be.   Try to identify what your goals are for this next horse.  You will be well served by identifying this right from the beginning and then building on that.

Try to be completely honest with yourself.  If what you really want is a 1500 pound teddy bear that eats carrots (and riding is just the excuse to spend half a day at the barn) admit that to yourself.  If you are basically a timid rider that is buying a horse for your trainer, or if you want to ride 3rd level and get your USDF bronze medal in 6 months (and nothing short of that will please you), put that on the table.  Buyers that have these primary issues out front are much less frustrated when they are trying out horses.  

Not only do you need to understand what role your next horse must play for you, you also need to stay focused on finding the "right partner".  Many riders set out to find the best horse in their price range and don't consider the compatibility issue.  Just because a horse is "trained" doesn't mean it is easy to ride.  And most of the time fancier movers require a level of skill that is beyond the reach of the average dressage rider.  Successful buyers take the attitude that they are searching for the right horse for themselves, not just the best horse they can get for their money.  Assuming that you buy a horse suited to meet your goals, the three most important issues that will determine your happiness are compatibility, compatibility, and compatibility.  Like a good friendship or marriage, a natural chemistry has to be there.  To read more articles like this click here or check out the other pages in this section:

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Identify your goals and objectives

Be honest with yourself

Remember that you are shopping for a partner.


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