What should you expect to pay for your next dressage horse?

"I'd like to buy a Porsche Boxter in very good condition, low mileage for $15,000. I've been shopping for quite a while, but most sellers I've talked with are asking ridiculous prices for their cars. I don't want an older car because I want to keep it for a long time. I'm a serious buyer, but there is NOTHING out there!"

- Frustrated in USA

     Whether you're shopping for a car or a horse...to avoid a long and frustrating buying experience, do your research at the beginning. You don't want to end up a tired frustrated shopper who has wasted a lot of time. You need to be informed, practical and realistic. These articles will help you make a plan.

     Whether or not you have limited resources or very deep pockets, you should be aware of what is fair market value for the horse you intend to purchase. The value of a horse can be quite subjective and is largely determined by desirability, rarity and potential. Very often a flashy horse will bring a higher price because it is easier to believe that the horse has a great future ahead.

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