Working With Professionals

More than half of Graemont, Incís clients are dressage professionals.

     In the mid 90ís when we first started finding horses for our clients in Europe, we never anticipated that we would become a business resource for professionals, even top professionals in the USA. But as amateurs used our services and found wonderful and hard to find horses, their trainers took notice. Before long they would be calling us to help them find their next special horse or one for another client.
     While in 2003 we were traveling to Europe every month with clients, our program shifted in the years following to where we now arrange itineraries for professionals and their clients and host special buying trips for professionals to participate in. Since most professionals donítí travel to Europe every month, they donít have an extensive network, knowledge of bloodlines or depth of relationship with European sellers that truly has separated Graemontís business from other part time importers.

We are able to tie in your business to a European Network.

     Graemont, Inc has a close and supporting relationship with numerous professionals on the East Coast who work together help dressage riders find special horses. For some, it means a time saving way for their clients to find horses Ė one call to Graemont, Inc and we help to set up a successful buying trip. For others it is a part time job, traveling with Graemontís customers to Europe and helping them try horses.
     If you are reading this as a professional and you would be interested in becoming affiliated with our business in any way, contact us to discuss how we might become involved with one another.

We have developed a premier technology to support your business.

     In 2006, Graemont, Inc contracted with YDOP, Inc Web Development to create the Worldís first International Database of Horses for Sale, exclusively for professionals. Sign up can be done from the site (www.dressageprofessionals.com) using paypal or by calling 717.664.0540. Membership is quite affordable and the site provides some great marketing tools like a newsletter management system, an automatic business calendar display and journal feature. It also entitles its members to have free listings in the dressage classified site, www.dressagenetwork.com . While the site is technically owned by Graemont.com, the business activities of its members are not controlled by Graemont, Inc. Members are not necessarily connected to one another by joining except that they are all included in a public directory. If you are an amateur but want to tell your trainer about this, click here

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