Help From Graemont

A week doesn't go by that Graemont, Inc is not asked by a horse owner to help them sell their horse.  And in years prior, we have had to turn them away with nothing to offer as we are a consulting business for buyers, not a consignment agent for sellers.  We think our customers would find it strange if we said something like, "our advice is that you consider buying a horse from us."  This might sound a bit biased - so we don't work on the selling end.  We help buyers.  But...since we are asked so often, we have put together this page with some services that we hope will be helpful to sellers.  Graemont, Inc, has been involved in creating several Web based services apart from its buyer services.
Since now more than ever, people are going online for information  (that's probably what brought you to this article, right?) we have gotten involved in the development of several Web based dressage marketing enterprises. Here's what we have to offer: dressageprofessionals.com is a great place to find a trainer - or if you are a trainer - its a site you should join for networking purposes.  Members can put horses for sale into a database that can be accessed by trainers worldwide when they're shopping.  (how cool is that?)  If you're selling your horse privately, you will probably get better results using a dressage specialty site like dressagenetwork.com rather than an all breed/ all discipline site like equine.com or dreamhorse.com, where your ad will tend to be more obscured and the surfing audience is less focused.  A dressage site will also make it possible to give more "dressage related" information which the buyer is seeking.

Now this is going to sound like an advertisement but (here goes).  Over the years we've gotten so incredibly many inquiries from sellers asking if they could put their horse on Graemont.com, that in 2006 we have decided to allow this to happen.  We've created a unique page for people to post a dressage horse for sale.  We are charging $40 to post the information for you and will allow it to stay on the site until it is sold.  This does not make Graemont, Inc the agent for your horse.  (We work for buyers, not sellers - sorry).

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